Many large corporations maintain internal editing and proofreading departments because they understand the costs of typos and other errors. One small typo like these here and here can lead to huge amounts of wasted money. Companies sometimes have to reprint advertisements, 1,000’s of brochures or the products themselves to fix the problem.

Typos are the worst for business, in particular, because businesses want to establish expertise. Would you hire a company not credible enough to proofread their work? We didn’t think so. That’s why we offer two levels of editing services for company.

Document Editing: For organizations who just need one single document proofread, we offer document editing services. You send over the document, we send it back with track changes. There’s no strings attached.

Outsourced Editorial Services: For organization who would benefit from a more long-term relationship, we offer outsourced editorial services. This is where our editing serves as your own internal editing department. For a monthly fee, we edit documents as you need them, from emails and sales letters to graphic art and client deliverables.