Content Marketing with Google Adsense

Is Content Marketing Really Worth It?

Content marketing is an online form of advertising focused on producing, distributing, and sharing content to a specific audience online for the purpose of promoting a business. You will need to consider some vital elements if you want your content to be regarded as content marketing, so let me tell you about these things now.

Things to Consider For Your Content Marketing

The most important thing to consider when it comes to content marketing is the Google AdSense program. This program has been around since 2003 and was primarily meant for website owners who wanted to monetize their blogs. Now, this is something that everyone in this industry tries to do because the AdSense program is very useful for those who want to make money online without spending too much on advertising. You can choose to have a website or blog to get started.

Creating Right Content For Your Audience

Once you decide to add this to your online business, you will need to focus on producing good content on your website and blog to draw more attention to your product. Your content will be one of the critical elements that will help you gain more exposure to the potential customers who will visit your site or blog. 

When you have the right content and keywords, you can easily turn your website or blog into a profitable online business. Eventually, it will grow to a point where you will no longer need AdSense. The key to content marketing is to create relevant and informative content for your target audience, so always remember to put your keywords in the title of your content. This will help Google’s AdSense program to index your content and eventually earn you more money.

If you want to know more about writing effective blog posts, website pages, press releases, and other digital marketing strategies, contact the Triassic Media Group today by emailing We’re happy to help you with your content marketing needs.

How Content Marketing Guidelines Can Help You Get Ahead


Content Marketing Guidelines is an informative set of rules, voice, tone, and themes on how the company should communicate with the target audience to attract more traffic and increase sales. It should also make sure that the content created for a particular website has a consistent tone. Let us take, for example, the use of words and phrases. These will help define the style of a website and the tone in which visitors of the website are expected to be drawn. While some web content may be casual and informal, others will be formal and elegant. It is essential to ensure that your website adheres to the correct tone to keep people visiting and engaging with your website.


Content Marketing Guidelines can be of great help to the company in terms of the company’s overall promotion and its products and services by creating a message that will resonate with the target audience and create a higher level of sales. If you are a small business, you should note these guidelines and apply them to your content. If you are dealing with a broader audience, you may want to consider hiring a professional web writer who has experience writing content. They will know what is right for your target market and will also be able to provide you with guidelines on how to write the content effectively. In this regard, content marketing guidelines are very important. If the content is too casual, there is a chance that it will not appeal to your audience, and they may turn around and visit another website. On the other hand, if your content is too formal, people may find it difficult to understand.

Many websites and companies out there do not adhere to the correct tone and style. They can be a burden to the company’s image as well as hinder its growth. The content marketing guidelines are meant to give a company an edge and keep it relevant for its intended audience.


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How to Write an Email Marketing Campaign

An email marketing strategy starts with an email sent by a company to a specific list of customers or clients. A good email marketing strategy will generate a number of customers, engage with your list, and help you generate more leads and sales. One of the biggest advantages of email marketing today is that most people still do use email extensively. It is easy to create a list, send emails, manage lists, and send out emails quickly. This article will provide you with a few tips on how to write effective email messages.

Determine Your Email’s Purpose

The first thing that you want to do when designing an email is to determine what the point of the email is. For example, if your email is to sell your product, your subject line should be compelling enough to convince your recipient that your message is valuable. Your email should also have some call-to-action elements. In other words, if you are writing an email to sell you new book, you will want to include a link leading to your book website, a short sales pitch, and a download link to your free eBook. If you are writing an email to inform customers of a special event or promotion, you will need to include a direct call to action.

Utilize Calls To Action

In addition to your title, body, and call to action in the body of the email, your email should also contain a call to action at the end. You will want to include a closing statement that closes the sale, and encourages the recipient to sign up for your mailing list. You will also want to include the name of your mailing list, as well as the address of your website. When you create these signatures, you want to ensure that the text is readable, and does not contain anything that could be deemed offensive by recipients.

Experiment With Email Frequency

Another important part of how to write an email is how often you should send emails to your list. Most email campaigns today send a single email to your list on a daily basis. This is a good strategy because you want to send the message out to people who might be interested in what you have to offer. However, you will want to send out a second email to people who might be interested in joining your mailing list every week, monthly, or quarterly basis. As mentioned above, you want to encourage people to join your mailing list through direct, but quick, contact.

Focus on Easy to Read Content

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, the content of your emails should be conversational and easy to read. In addition, your email should be written in a conversational tone that makes your recipients curious about what you are offering. For example, when sending an email to inform clients that your next conference is tomorrow, it is important to include a call to action and direct the recipients towards the link to your website. This will help your email is viewed more favorably by recipients.

Utilize Keywords Effectively

Another element of how to write an email that helps is using your keywords effectively. Most people use search terms in their email addresses. Therefore, when they are reading the email, they are more likely to open your email and see the links. However, your words should be related to the email topic in question.

Create an Informative Signature Template

A great way to write an email is to use a template with all of your signature lines and body. In other words, you do not want to have your name or company name on each header, only use your company name on the first three lines of your email signature line. This will make your email seem professional. Also, it will make it easier for recipients to skim over your message, as well as make sure that you have included the necessary information that they were looking for.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with email lists. The most effective way to make sure that you are sending the right message to your list and to ensure that your messages are open and read, is to hire a professional to write and deliver your emails. Once you find an agency that can meet your needs, you will begin to realize that it does not take long to build a large email list that is responsive to your marketing efforts.

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4 Common Grammar Mistakes In Writing To Avoid

What are the most common grammatical errors in writing? This is a question that many people ask when they are writing an essay, report, letter, or even an article. A lot of people would think that they are the only ones making mistakes, but that is not true. All sorts of errors in writing exist.

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The biggest problem that most writers face is the fact that they do not pay enough attention to the grammar rules. This is a very important aspect of writing because when you write and have to proofread your work, there will be no point in editing your work if you do not take care of your grammar. If you want to be an effective writer then you need to learn and apply the correct grammar rules for your topic.

If you learn the rules of writing in English then you can easily avoid making spelling errors while writing a piece. Grammar rules are easy to learn and they are not difficult to apply. Even some writers tend to make grammatical mistakes even though they are quite aware of the rules. Most of the common grammar mistakes are usually due to the writer not paying attention to the rules at all.

The most common grammar mistake is using the subjunctive with the indicative. Subjunctive is a form of verb used in the past tense and in a variety of forms. This kind of verb is used to indicate something in the past, which is usually in the past tense. It has a specific form, because it is part of the form of verb. For example, I ate, you ate, they ate and you will eat.

Subjunctive is often used in the past tense to indicate that the action took place in a specific time. For instance, “The dog ate the ham,” is an example. The verb of the sentence means, “The dog ate the ham.” The use of this form is not incorrect, but it should not be used with infinitive verbs, which means “for”. The infinitive form of this verb is used to show that the action is happening right now. The use of this form should not be used in written texts because it can make it hard to read. This kind of error is easily corrected by using an article proofreading software or a proofreading service for a fee.

Some other common grammar mistakes in writing include:

  • Including the definite article when the topic should be indefinite
  • Omitting the article
  • Confusing sentence structure.

There are many other common mistakes that are made when it comes to grammar. If you want to avoid these mistakes then you need to pay proper attention to what you write. It is therefore very important that you make sure that you get yourself educated about the rules of grammar before you start writing anything. This will help you avoid mistakes in the future and thus make your work look professional and interesting. To avoid errors, you should always keep an eye on the language and make sure that your writing is not too technical in nature.

Triassic Media Group Rated the Best Multi-Industry Copywriting Content Agency – Tampa Bay

TAMPA, FLORIDA – September 2,2020 – Triassic Media Group wins the “Best Multi-Industry Copywriting Content Agency” Award as a part of the Media Innovator Awards 2020. 

Triassic Media Group completes around 1,500 client writing projects each year, including website pages, blog posts, press releases, white papers, ebooks, and more. The team includes MFA level creative writing experts.

“We’re honored to win this year’s Media Innovator Award,” says Melanie Green, the CEO of the Triassic Media Group. “We love to help clients of all sizes with their content marketing needs. It’s a real passion of ours. As we’ve expanded our business over the years, we’ve been very grateful to the companies that have partnered with us and enabled us to grow together.” 

Triassic Media Group was founded by Melanie Green in 2015. In 2019, the company left its downtown Tampa office in favor of remote work for its team. The company has the processes, project management systems, and team in place to successfully manage its operations to meet client deadlines and create high quality content.


After the 2019 successful awards selection, Corporate Vision Magazine started its search for this second year’s winner of Media Innovator Awards.  It gathered nominations from their readers and was checked internally by their Coordinator, Jazmin Collins. To view the complete list of winners, visit:

The winner of this award is not only based on the number of votes obtained but, most importantly, to the excellence of the individual or company products and services in the industry. Corporate Vision Magazine determines the winner who presents dedication to providing and sustaining innovative work services. Together with comprehensive skills and expertise, customer service and satisfaction are the main criteria for the winner.

About Triassic Media Group

Triassic Media Group is a Tampa, FL-based content marketing agency that provides copywriting services to businesses. They work with companies who need vetted writers to add to their existing writing teams, as well as companies who want to outsource all of their writing needs to a reliable team of expert writers so they can focus on running their businesses. Most of their work includes writing blog posts, press releases, website pages, and email marketing campaigns. Email the company at to schedule a call to discuss any content writing needs.

About Media Innovator Awards

Media Innovator Awards is hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine. The award is open to individuals and businesses that highly contributed to the media industry. This award is to appreciate people who work behind the scenes that strive to provide the best services in the continuous business and market trends change, particularly in the online platform and social media technology. 

About Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision Magazine is a publishing company that specializes in corporate news. It provides a valuable source of significant topics, from business strategy and analysis to leadership, rising trends in the market, and other vital issues that can help business leaders manage and improve their operations towards a successful company. 

How “Reopening” Too Early Could Be Worse for Small Businesses

While nearly 80% of the country supports ongoing shutdown measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a growing minority of U.S. citizens and small business owners that want to open up shop. No one will say that this process has been well-managed or easy. Every business is facing significant difficulties as a result of the pandemic. However, reopening your business too early could be worse for small businesses and employees.

Just because the government says it’s time to reopen, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have customers running through your door. The threat is still real, even if people choose to downplay it. Customers may have lost their own jobs and tighten their purse strings as a result. You cannot force customers to come to visit your restaurant or shop no matter how many air purifiers and hand sanitizer stations you invest in. If you don’t have customers, you don’t make money.

Businesses have costs, regardless of whether there are sales. Rent, electricity, water, internet, employees, supply costs, food costs, and more. Some of these expenses business owners have to pay regardless of being open, while others you can avoid.

Let’s say a restaurant decides to reopen its dine-in service, re-hire its furloughed employees, and take some precautions, such as operating at 50% capacity and wearing surgical masks (that do not stop the spread of COVID-19).

The restaurant has to buy food and pay employees, even if there aren’t any customers. There needs to be a certain amount of perishable inventory purchased, even if restaurants choose to only offer limited menus to mitigate some of this. Food will need to be thrown away and replaced if customers don’t order it. Staying shut while there isn’t demand reduces these costs.

Most restaurants operate at narrow margins, like other types of businesses. In some restaurants, this is only 10% to 30%, depending on food costs. Could a restaurant survive financially operating at  50% capacity and be profitable or pay staff and vendors? (Filling 50% of seats isn’t likely, anyway).

Employees in the restaurant industry largely earn money on tips. If they don’t receive tips because there aren’t customers, owners must pay them the difference up until their pay equals the minimum wage. This means that the wait staff is putting their own life at risk for very little money. In many cases, they will no longer receive unemployment if their employer opens up again. While this is great for the government paying these benefits, it isn’t best for employees or employers, who will use up more of their cash reserves and potentially go out of business as a result.

Also, what legal problems might your company face if someone actually catches COVID-19 at your business? A customer who believed in your marketed safety measures gets sick and dies, with your business being the only one they visited. Or a cluster appears from dozens of customers who visited the same day.

What happens if an employee you force to work gets sick and dies? What kind of legal action might their family take against your company? Could you survive that?

There’s this way people choose to cope by dismissing their own risk level. “I’m healthy,” they say, “so I won’t die.” Some healthy people die, too. The cases aren’t (yet) as high as were possible because more than 90% of the U.S. populace was ordered to stay home. Another problem is the instant gratification. People don’t see the immediate result of their actions, as you may not show symptoms until 2 weeks later.

No one is expecting you to stay alone, closed for business for 18 months until researchers develop and manufacture an effective vaccine for mass-distribution or enough people to survive the disease to develop herd immunity.  However, we don’t have the infrastructure in place yet for testing and mitigation yet (led by a poor government response, in part).

It will take time for businesses to get back to “normal.” The concept of normal may never be the same again. Yet, businesses will survive.

We are not the first to go through a pandemic and we will not be the last. Hopefully, we can learn what we can from this situation to protect our businesses and lives during the next one.


P.S. All hope isn’t lost. There are still things that companies can do to survive this period. Some ideas:

  • Update your website
  • Invest in SEO
  • Schedule an obscene amount of social media posts
  • Invest in marketing
  • Pivot to new and/or digital offerings

If your company needs help updating website content, writing blog posts or press releases, or other forms of content marketing, email us at We would love to help you.

5 Common Grammar Mistakes In Writing To Avoid

This is a guest post from an awesome freelance writer we work with named Mary Cullen. To learn more about Mary, check out her portfolio at:

There are many common mistakes that are made when people are writing. Whether writing a letter, an essay, an article or an email, it is important to be conscious of what you are writing. Here are 5 common mistakes people make that can be easily avoided and some simple examples to help you remember.  

Your / You’re

Your and you’re are commonly used incorrectly when writing. Understanding the difference between the two can help you to avoid making this mistake. Your is possessive meaning belonging to you. Examples of your would be: your dog, your car, your house. You’re is a contraction meaning you are. Examples of you’re would be: you’re beautiful, you’re an inspiration, you’re a hard worker. 

Two / Too / To

When looking at the words to, too and two, the two is the least of the problems when using these words incorrectly in writing. This is because the word two is a number and is only used as a number. The words to and too however are more commonly misused. Remembering that too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also”, can help to avoid using it improperly. Examples of too would be: The soup is too hot., or She will be going too. To is a preposition and has multiple meanings. Examples of to would be: I am going to the movies., The toy belongs to the child. 

Their / There / They’re

These words, even though they sound the same when spoken, provoke different meaning when used properly in writing. Their is possessive and shows ownership. Examples of their would be: Their cat is in our bushes., We are going to their house. There is an adverb and shows a place or direction. Examples of there would be: Let’s sit over there., We are going there tomorrow. They’re is a contraction meaning they are. Examples of they’re would be: I know they’re going as well., They’re at the store already.  

It’s / Its

The use of these two words is seen incorrectly in writing consistently. As simple as it may seem to get it right, it seems just as simple to make this mistake. It’s is a contraction meaning it is or it has. Check your sentence. Replace it’s with it is or it has and see if it makes sense. Examples of it’s would be: It’s raining in the city today., Wear a jacket when it’s cold out. Its shows possession. Examples of its would be: The cat ate its food., The tree lost its leaves. 

Affect / Effect

The confusion around the use of these words is real and extremely common. Knowing the difference between the two is key to avoiding misusing them. Affect is a verb and will cause a change in something or influence it. Examples of affect would be: The amount of rain will affect the time we leave., Your experience will affect whether or not you are considered for the position. Effect is a noun and can be usually thought of as the result of change. Examples of effect would be: A good night’s sleep can have a positive effect on your health., The effect from the medicine was immediate.

Grammar mistakes within the English language happen every minute of every day. With the use of contractions, homophones, silent e, and so much more, writing can become confusing. Find examples of the words that confuse you, write them down for reference, and go and write with confidence.

Mary Cullen is a freelance writer living in Tampa Florida. She likes to write about marketing, lifestyle, health and fitness. To hire Mary for freelance writing assignments email

Should I Start A Company Blog?

With so many social media platforms and online tools, knowing which ones to maintain a company presence on can be difficult. One tool all companies should utilize is adding a blog to your company’s website. Here are some of the benefits of starting a company blog.

Increase Organic Traffic

Blogging is an ideal way to incorporate SEO best practices into your company’s website, which can help it rank higher in search engine results. Blog posts can be created from lists of common questions your customers have, keywords they use when looking for a business like yours, and its services. This gives your website more pages to attract traffic. 

Low Cost Campaigns

If your company already pays for its website hosting and domain, it doesn’t cost anything to put up a blog post. While you might have to pay a writer or a staff member once to create the blog content, you won’t have to pay anything to publish it. You can then share your company’s original content on your business’s Facebook page and Twitter account to expand its reach even further without investing more money into it. 

If social media shares of your company’s blog posts drive more traffic to your website in a way that increases sales or other key metrics, investing in paid social campaigns could be another relatively low cost way to benefit from blog post content. As long as you’ve narrowed your target audience and have clear goals identified, paid social media campaigns can be successful. It is just imperative that you monitor it for results and adjust the campaign if needed. There’s no reason to pay for a social media campaign that isn’t garnering results.

Benefit from Evergreen Content

Evergreen content remains relevant over time. Unlike a blog post that features information about the employee of the month (who will likely leave someday) or upcoming menu items for a restaurant, evergreen content will remain accurate even several years after it is posted. This makes evergreen content more valuable as the same blog post can continue to attract visitors, bulk up the amount of quality content on your company’s website, and be shared over time.

Become an Industry Expert

Customers want to buy products and services from the best, most informed companies in the market. When you want to buy high quality outdoor sporting equipment, most customers want to buy it from REI over Ralph’s Sports Goods. REI publishes so much educational blog content and guides on its website, product catalogs, and other digital marketing content. It is seen as an industry leader and an expert. Having a company blog can help you develop that kind of industry expertise.

There are two key factors in developing industry expertise through blog content. First, your blog’s content must provide valuable information that your target audience wants to know about. In the case of REI, teaching customers how to skateboard enables people to learn how to participate in a new hobby. These customers wouldn’t have otherwise purchased a skateboard just might. They feel better buying a skateboard from a company with established expertise.

Second, the content must be better than the blog content that already exists. It isn’t enough to simply regurgitate the information that you can find on competitor websites and online publications. Craft compelling posts that delve deeper into topics and give a fresh perspective.

There are many reasons to start a company blog, from increased website traffic to developing long lasting, evergreen content. If you opt to start a company blog, decide how often to post and stick with it. Consistent blog posts perform better than one-off blog posts.


3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Digital marketing is one of the most important tools for small business owners and marketers. Its relatively low cost compared to traditional forms of advertising and media make it a good option for companies with limited marketing budgets, without impacting ROI. Since many customers fast forward through TV commercials and don’t have a newspaper subscription, some marketing experts argue that even companies with massive marketing budgets should direct large portions of their marketing budgets toward digital marketing. Here we’ve outlined three digital marketing trends to look out for in 2019.

1. Consumers distrust Facebook

Facebook remains to be a significant tool that companies can utilize to reach their customer base at very little cost. Sharing valuable content and engaging with customers can happen directly in their newsfeed. If you already manage your company’s Facebook page, you might have noticed changes in your daily follower count, especially over time.

Many users have begun to deactivate their Facebook accounts, which reduces your overall number of likes. As they reactivate their accounts, these users will once again show up in your page likes total. Do not let this trend dissuade you from using Facebook as part of your digital marketing efforts. Just make sure to diversify your digital marketing efforts to reach customers you otherwise might miss.

2. Mail Chimp changed its email policies

Historically, email marketing platforms, such as Mail Chimp, only allowed companies to email individuals that opted into their email subscription lists. Changes in 2019 to Mail Chimp’s policies now allow companies to email other types of users, including those who haven’t specifically opted into your company’s email subscription list. This includes former customers.

This means that companies should take advantage of this change to create other types of email marketing campaigns to reach these individuals. Former customers who haven’t signed up for your email list can be emailed to join your email list or notified about upcoming promotions. This is one type of digital marketing campaign that could have a big impact in sales and engagement.

3. The fall of “experts”

Many former digital marketing experts are taking down their iconic digital marketing courses and programs in favor of new offerings. This includes Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer who took down his iconic The Napkin Project training program. While some of the change might have to do with their own business trajectory, the market has become saturated with these digital marketing “experts” in a way that makes it difficult to know what to do. Instead, companies are relying on performance data and split testing to see what’s the best way to market their own businesses online.

Digital marketing will continue to be the way that companies are able to market themselves online. With a well thought out plan that includes a little bit of various digital marketing strategies, most companies can find success with digital marketing. As this year’s predictions show, it is important to not invest all of your company’s time and resources into one type of digital marketing. Instead, well rounded strategies will continue to perform best.