Triassic Media Group Rated the Best Multi-Industry Copywriting Content Agency – Tampa Bay

TAMPA, FLORIDA – September 2,2020 – Triassic Media Group wins the “Best Multi-Industry Copywriting Content Agency” Award as a part of the Media Innovator Awards 2020. 

Triassic Media Group completes around 1,500 client writing projects each year, including website pages, blog posts, press releases, white papers, ebooks, and more. The team includes MFA level creative writing experts.

“We’re honored to win this year’s Media Innovator Award,” says Melanie Green, the CEO of the Triassic Media Group. “We love to help clients of all sizes with their content marketing needs. It’s a real passion of ours. As we’ve expanded our business over the years, we’ve been very grateful to the companies that have partnered with us and enabled us to grow together.” 

Triassic Media Group was founded by Melanie Green in 2015. In 2019, the company left its downtown Tampa office in favor of remote work for its team. The company has the processes, project management systems, and team in place to successfully manage its operations to meet client deadlines and create high quality content.


After the 2019 successful awards selection, Corporate Vision Magazine started its search for this second year’s winner of Media Innovator Awards.  It gathered nominations from their readers and was checked internally by their Coordinator, Jazmin Collins. To view the complete list of winners, visit:

The winner of this award is not only based on the number of votes obtained but, most importantly, to the excellence of the individual or company products and services in the industry. Corporate Vision Magazine determines the winner who presents dedication to providing and sustaining innovative work services. Together with comprehensive skills and expertise, customer service and satisfaction are the main criteria for the winner.

About Triassic Media Group

Triassic Media Group is a Tampa, FL-based content marketing agency that provides copywriting services to businesses. They work with companies who need vetted writers to add to their existing writing teams, as well as companies who want to outsource all of their writing needs to a reliable team of expert writers so they can focus on running their businesses. Most of their work includes writing blog posts, press releases, website pages, and email marketing campaigns. Email the company at to schedule a call to discuss any content writing needs.

About Media Innovator Awards

Media Innovator Awards is hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine. The award is open to individuals and businesses that highly contributed to the media industry. This award is to appreciate people who work behind the scenes that strive to provide the best services in the continuous business and market trends change, particularly in the online platform and social media technology. 

About Corporate Vision Magazine

Corporate Vision Magazine is a publishing company that specializes in corporate news. It provides a valuable source of significant topics, from business strategy and analysis to leadership, rising trends in the market, and other vital issues that can help business leaders manage and improve their operations towards a successful company.