When Triassic Media Group works with you to create marketing materials or get your website up and running, sometimes personalized photos make all the difference. There are times when stock photos aren’t enough. That’s why Triassic Media Group offers photography services to businesses.

While we’re not going to photograph your wedding (nor would you want us to!), we’ll send one of our favorite photographers out with a trusty DSLR to take photos of your facility, your executive team or headshots of key staff members.

We’ll schedule a date and time to visit your facility, typically within two weeks of booking. You’ll want to make sure everyone and everything’s ready before the photographer gets there.

All packages include both JPEG and raw file for each image. You own the rights to all pictures we take of your business, so there isn’t a per image copyright charge.


Professional Headshot (per person): $100

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Facility Photos (per 60 minute session): $500

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Group Photos (of the same group of people): $300

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Food Item Photos (per food item): $40

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Note: We only take photos on location for companies in Hillsborough County and the surrounding counties. If your business is outside of these counties, we can help find great creative commons or stock photos for your business.