Triassic Media Group provides a wide range of writing services to meet the needs of businesses in English-speaking countries. We love to write and enjoy helping businesses with their writing needs.

Most of our writing projects fall into these four buckets. However if your writing project falls outside of this range, don’t panic. Email us at info@triassicmedia.com.

Content Writing: This broad category applies to general, non-sales or marketing writing projects. Some examples include business plans, safety manuals, new hire orientation materials, SOPs and employee handbooks.

Marketing Copywriting: Marketing copywriting is a bit different than content writing in its focus. Maybe you want to attract the best new hires with a recruiting brochure detailing benefits. Perhaps you want to educate customers on why your toilet plunger/phone case/whatever-your-product-is solves their problems.

Sales Letters: Sales letters are an important aspect of any business’s strategy to secure more leads. Our sales letter service arms your business with a customized sales letter you can use to either snail mail or email prospective leads.

Website Copywriting: Whatever you want to call it, website writing requires a different level of expertise. With shortened attention spans and great potential benefits, your business needs experts in SEO and digital marketing on your side.