Simple tips that every company blog should follow.

Tips for Successful Business Blogging

If your company is not engaging with the online community, you may need to take another look at your blog. Blogs have quickly become a way for companies to reach out to returning and potential customers. If readers do not find your blogs compelling, it is possible they will overlook your website.

It’s not hard to write blogs posts that pique the interest of readers. There is no scientific equation for writing blogs, but there are a few simple tips that every company blog should follow.

#1: Write Engaging Text

It’s easy enough to write a blog about a particular product or service, but readers don’t want to know what you are selling. They want to know what your products or services can do for them. Make sure that your blog appeals to readers on an emotional level. Whether you sell articles of clothing or provide cleaning services, you will not gain new customers if your readers don’t connect with your blog.

#2: Utilize Available Features

Explore your blog platform. Most platforms offer a variety of themes, templates, and plug-ins. With all that they offer, you may be overlooking a useful feature that you never knew existed. On the other hand, you don’t want to make your blogs overwhelming. Pick a template that is aesthetically pleasing to your readers  and make sure that your style is cohesive. Don’t be afraid to incorporate audio or visual plug-ins.

#3: Add Some Visuals

Include pictures of products that you are selling (if you are promoting a service, try adding an action shot). Even if you aren’t trying to sell something, it is a good idea to incorporate visuals into your blog posts. Pictures are an easy way to break up text and engage your readers. However, make sure that you don’t post too many pictures – one or two per blog should be more than enough.

#4: Apply Links and SEO Techniques

Make sure that your blog is accessible. If search engines can’t find your blog, your readers can’t either. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will ensure that your blogs show up for the right searches. Using SEO techniques will draw in more readers and increase the traffic on your website. Also, make sure that your blog posts include a link back to your official website. You won’t sell anything if your readers can’t find you.

Now it’s your turn! Just remember –  you should write a blog to connect with your readers, not to sell something to them (your company’s website will do that). If you use these tips to write engaging posts that use a variety of templates, pictures, and plug-ins, you will increase the traffic on your company’s website – don’t forget to add a link so readers can easily access it!

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