Writing an Effective Marketing Email

When you write a marketing email, you need to think of a way to get people to read the first paragraph. This is the first chance they will have to know about you and what you offer. The marketing email should serve as an introduction to your customers. You want it to be a good first impression because it always counts. 

Key Elements of a Marketing Email

The best marketing emails contain all these key elements. Starting with a good subject line that instantly grabs the attention of the readers. Next is the first paragraph of the email, which should declare the main idea clearly and concisely. It is also the time to sell your service or product. Your sales pitch should tell the reader why they should pay you for whatever it is that you are offering. You need to present some compelling reasons why they should hire you for your services and what they will get out of hiring you. Don’t forget to spell check your email before sending it out. You also need to check your mailing list if you don’t want to send the same emails to customers you have already sent out because that would only turn people off.

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Starting Your First Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is by far one of the easiest and quickest ways to expand your customer base and reach out to prospective buyers. It costs only pennies per message and you can reach mass audiences in one mailing.

What if I Don’t Have A Customer Base?

Start with your social media contacts. If you have a large following, this is a terrific way to spread the word about your product and it allows people to ‘share’ your email with others.

If you don’t have a solid following and you really need to build up from the bottom, invest in a mailing list. You can find lists for sale online at sites like DMDatabases or Experian.com. These sites offer lists of consumers from new homeowners or parents of preschoolers, to people who purchased herbal supplements. Pick one or a few.

How Do I Get People To Respond?

While email is a surefire way to advertise, sending the email is just the first step. The real challenge is to get the recipients to open it. Here are some tips to succeed.

  1. Send your email to those who you think will find your product relevant:  Find your audience and speak to them. If you specialize in baby products, for instance, you’d want to target stay-at-home moms, not retired couples. Soliciting people who have no use for your product is like trying to sell snow to an Eskimo.
  2. Use a hook headline: Make sure the subject line captures their attention. Make it relevant to the content of the email. Use your first name instead of a company name. It feels more personal. Then use a ‘call-to-action’ statement such as “Click Here Now!”
  3. Reward your client for opening the email: Promise something good like useful tips, unbeatable bargains, or a truly unique product…then deliver on that promise. When writing content for your emails, keep the tone personal and engaging, as if you were talking to an old friend.

An email campaign following these guidelines will result in more clients and higher revenue for your business. However, unless you are experienced in web writing and design, you should consider hiring professionals. At Triassic Media, we know just what you need to build your client base and we are ready to help! Contact us to find out how we can help you!