What is Psychographic Marketing?

Pyscho- what? If you have not heard of this term , don’t worry, most people haven’t. So, what is it and how does it aid marketing tactics? Most businesses collect market data about their customers; that is common sense. Market data tells you who is buying what and what to sell to whom. Psychographic marketing, simply put, means to think how your customers think, but that’s the hard part.

Many of us are locked in the mindset that our customers will behave like we behave. This can cause business owners to invest in too much of one product, ignoring the true needs of the customers. Myers-Briggs psychology identifies four main cognitive groups in every human population, independent of race, culture and language: traditionalists (47%), experiencers (27%), harmonizers (16%), and cerebrals (10%). Each group should be approached differently when selling your products or services and here is how you should market to each.

Traditionalists like specific and old brands. They are very stubborn when it comes to changing what they purchase and like to stick to what they know. They ask a lot of questions about quality and make sure to look for the best deal, so expect them to shop for price. They will often need a lot of reassurance before they purchase your product since they are skeptical of anything new or unusual.

Experiencers live in the moment. “Buy, buy, buy!” is their cry. They are a salesman’s dream and an accountant’s nightmare. These are your customers that, with the right marketing, will buy just about anything you have to offer. Whether it’s a glamorous product or a simple cleaning service, they will take it. If you set it in front of them, it will be hard for them to resist.

Harmonizers are concerned with others and like to keep things on the same level as their peers. They will usually do whatever those around them do. Marketing directly towards this group may not be the best approach. Instead, look towards those they are with. This group simply either will or either will not invest in your product or service, regardless of your direct appeal towards them. Fads tend to their main purchases.

Cerebrals are very tough to market towards. They think things through and look at things from the business aspect before purchasing. Expect them to know more about your product than your average customer. This group will also be the customers that have done their research on your competitors, so be ready to show them all that you have to offer.

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Why your business demands a professional looking website.

8 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Professional Website

It’s the time of the internet. Almost everything today revolves around it, and many things wouldn’t endure without it. Shouldn’t your business be online as well?

In this article, I am going to tell you why your business demands a professional looking website. Seriously take into consideration the significance of each reason, and eventually, you’ll find yourself with a new professional website generating more business, more leads, and more money.

1. A Business Website Makes You Reliable

A 2013, Weebly completed research discovering that 56% of people did not trust in a business without a website.

The initial customer reaction when hearing about a new business usually consist of taking out their cell phone and searching for it on the internet to find out what you have to offer and what others have to say about you.

People rely heavily on the opinions of others, and it is hard to foster positive feedback and attention that garner respect and reliability if your business is not fully connected with your surrounding community.

2. It Presents a Professional Image

Running a small business can be difficult when you are competing with more substantial businesses that already hold a strong relationship with customers. Owning a website is certainly one of the most effective business decisions that will allow you to even the playing field.

Presenting a well-designed website is a proven way to generate confidence in your potential customers and make your small business look bigger than it is.

3. It Shows You What Your Customers Want

A website gives you the opportunity to easily track what services or products your customers find the most appealing, and what pages are attracting the most attention on your site.

“We want more, we want more. If we really like it, we want more,” the young kids on the AT&T commercial got it right that time. Tracking access allows you an insight to the information you need to tailor to your customers’ needs. It can even track the number of visits to each page and how the customer got to your site.

4. It Does the Job for You

The internet doesn’t have a closing time. Your website is available to potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Simply being available generates more activity that being unavailable.

Your website will sell your brand’s value, services, or products to its visitors at all times. Even when you can’t work – your website can work for you.

5. It Keeps Your Information Current and Relevant

How does it feel wasting hundreds of dollars to produce full-color pamphlets that become useless even before you finish distributing them? Printing creates limitations and is certainly an inconvenience. When you print and publish, you can’t easily update your information.

A professional website is different. It is possible to update material whenever you need and will provide your potential customers information that is up-to-date.

6. It Entices the Global Market

Presenting yourself with a professional website instantly turns you into a global business. Your website is noticeable to almost every country, all over the world.

Even though your services may not apply globally, your digital presence, even now, continuous to be an excellent way to bring traffic, raise awareness, and boost your brand’s popularity. Why cater to the few when you can please the many?

7. It Enables You to Add Value

Websites offer plenty of ways to add value to the customer experience, adding pictures, videos, and even response sections engage your customers and allow them to interact with your business.

Take advantage of the opportunities a website can offer. Present your products or services using video clips, reviews, guides, brochures and much more.

8. Your Competitors are Already Online

If your customers are not finding your products on the internet, there is no doubt they are finding those of your competitors alternatively. While you debate whether you should get online, your potential customers are supporting your competitors.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how big your business is. Whether you work alone or have a thousand employees, you’re losing business to your competition if you don’t have a website. If you are planning to start a business website and looking for help from a web professional, please contact Triassic Media Group.