Here’s a list of 100 things you could do for your business.

100 Things You Should Be Doing For Your New Startup Business Now

When you first start a business, you may find yourself with extra time that you don’t know what to do with. Here’s a list of 100 things you could do for your business:

Business Planning and Development

  1. Create training materials with screenshots for every process in your business
  2. Create a network of mentors in your industry
  3. Set up and organize tax files for your business
  4. Create a list of potential products and services
  5. Plan what you’re going to do with your business in case of disaster
  6. Find lower cost/better options for all business services
  7. Get price quotes for every competitor
  8. Make a list of potential clients
  9. Update your business plan
  10. Perform a SWOT analysis with today’s facts
  11. Post the required safety and employment information posters in your office
  12. Prepare for business taxes
  13. Review your sales funnel and make three effective improvements
  14. Read a business book
  15. Update your marketing plan
  16. Determine if paid social will work for your business
  17. Schedule a month’s worth of business social events
  18. Set business development goals with milestones at periodic intervals
  19. Review your business development strategy and adjust as needed
  20. Plan a successor product or service for your company’s main product or service
  21. Develop an exit strategy for your company so you know what to grow your company into

Content Development and Marketing

  1. Create a website and write all of the content, or hire a company to do it
  2. Develop social media accounts for your company
  3. Schedule out 30 days of Facebook posts
  4. Proofread your menus, documents and website
  5. Develop a brochure showing off your services and products
  6. Create an email newsletter
  7. Invest in quality marketing or content
  8. Advertise in a new place
  9. Evaluate performance of your client acquisition channels
  10. Record YouTube videos for your business
  11. Set up a new business social media account
  12. Submit a business press release
  13. Improve your website’s SEO
  14. Develop a freebie to give away online
  15. Develop a how to guide or educational document
  16. Plan an EDDM mailing campaign
  17. Post a Craigslist advertisement
  18. Incorporate SEO best practices on every page of your website
  19. Join a new Facebook or LinkedIn group
  20. Develop a media kit for your website
  21. Start a business podcast to show off your expertise
  22. Make a list of potential blog posts
  23. Re-read several of your  earliest blog posts to see if your making progress
  24. Ask someone for two more tips on how to improve your company’s content

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Staff and Partner Interactions

  1. Identify possible business partners you can team up with
  2. Secure a strategic partnership
  3. Attend sales or business webinars
  4. Write a guest post for your target market
  5. Create a business case study project
  6. Plan an incentive program to motivate your staff
  7. Draft a state-of-the-company email that includes steps to reach the next milestone
  8. Ask your staff how you can assist them better
  9. Ask your management staff how you can be a better mentor
  10. Sit in on a team project meeting  until you’ve delivered considerable value to the team
  11. Find one thing you can change in the company that removes some of everyone’s stress
  12. Recommend a resource that will educate your staff on something critical to the business
  13. Set professional development goals for yourself and everyone in your company
  14. Spend 15 minutes using your  main product or service to see if it does what you say it can do

Customer and Community  Interactions

  1. Sign up for a vendor event in your area
  2. Look into nearby business conferences
  3. Email 10 possible leads for your business
  4. Find volunteer opportunities to increase business awareness
  5. Schedule meetings with other businesses or prospects
  6. Gather testimonials from clients
  7. Establish a relationship with the top three professionals in your industry
  8. See what library events or classes you can sign up for
  9. Find an intern from a local university or college
  10. Cold call a business lead
  11. Donate an item for a charity auction
  12. Contribute to a forum
  13. Send out thank you cards to customers
  14. Volunteer to speak at the local college
  15. Comment on other people’s blogs
  16. Offer testimonials to friends and colleagues
  17. Write recommendations for old co-workers on LinkedIn
  18. Share knowledge and position expertise with a presentation on Slide Share
  19. Create a mastermind group for other professionals in your industry
  20. Review sales data and customer feedback to see how you can improve customer service
  21. Call the biggest community influencer you can think of, and ask what the community needs
  22. Schedule meetings with the businesses around you to see how you can help each other
  23. Invite one of your influencers to guest write a blog post
  24. Call a lead that will likely reject a sales offer, then ask them to explain why they rejected you
  25. Answer your phone for the next ten calls and ask callers how you can serve them better
  26. Follow up with previous customers personally, and find a way to offer them more value


  1. Investigate accounting systems and migrate to a free or lower priced option
  2. Find free business checking in your area
  3. Find free business training opportunities
  4. Set up and organize your business email
  5. Set up a separate working area if you work at home
  6. Set up and organize file sharing, like Dropbox
  7. Deep clean your desk and workspaces
  8. Find blogs about your industry
  9. Update your email signature
  10. Look for sales on Vista Print
  11. Update your online portfolio
  12. Figure out Google AdWords once and for all!
  13. Make sure you’re listed correctly in every free online directory
  14. Plan a focus group with your customers
  15. Write an ebook on the expertise field of your company


  1. Setup a way for staff and customers to provide anonymous feedback on experiences in and with the company
  2. Call the person most responsible for your success and ask him or her how you can make your company more successful

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