3 Misconceptions About Start-ups

Whether it be online or offline, aspiring entrepreneurs are constantly generating creative ideas; gathering groups of friends, colleagues or investors; and starting a business, hoping to generate revenue and shock their industries. With this ongoing start-up boom, various misconceptions and myths begin to arise about the method of beginning, maintaining and succeeding at running a start-up business. If you’re thinking about finally giving your start-up idea a shot, here are the top 3 misconceptions you should watch out for:

1. Success is all about money

Now, the goal of most businesses is to generate some level of profit, otherwise it wouldn’t be very financially viable, but that can’t be the only focus. Some start-up ideas can take a little more time. However, focusing on the impact that is made over the long-term will eventually generate the income one desires.

2. First idea is the best

Sometimes, going with your gut instincts can go wrong. It doesn’t mean that your gut is wrong, it just means that at this moment, the idea you came up with just doesn’t work. Now, the first idea may not be the best but it’s worth the try as you can learn from your mistakes when applying the next idea.

3. Passion is enough

Yes, it’s great that you’re passionate, but what if your product doesn’t sell? What if your idea isn’t as great or as creative as you thought it would be? Even if your great idea had a team of financial investors behind it, passion isn’t going to sell them on why they should invest in your start-up – results will. Don’t automatically assume a great product will sell itself. The execution of your success strategy is just as important as coming up with the business idea.

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The Importance of Quality Content

Kipling may have said it best, “Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind.” With this in mind, you can see how the content on your page is the living soul of your website. Your content is any text or words that are compiled on a web page with the accompanying graphics. The content you present to your readers can be the most powerful tool you have to build relationships with your current and potential customers. While the overall appearance and “feel” of a website is important, the content you include is crucial. There are two ways that your content affects your web presence – the ranking of your site in search engines and the ability for users to find you.

Search Engines

When a search engine is crawling pages of any website they search primarily for relevant content. The content that is present is easy for search engines to pick up on and the higher the quality, the higher you will appear in searches. The fact is that when a person conducts a search, the search engine will provide the highest quality of relative content for the searcher for the given set of keywords.


There are two intentions when someone performs a search through a search engine:

  1. To find general, basic information on a certain topic
  2. To find advanced information on some topic or niche that they are familiar with.

Only sites with high-quality content will be able to benefit both types of searchers. Stuffing keywords in hopes of great visibility is no longer feasible, as search engines can pick out the sites that have used this method.

Complete Content: Your Best Friend

There are three components that are found in complete content:

  1. The quality of the information which includes the authenticity and originality of the content you present.
  2. The quality of the presentation or how easy is it for users to find what they are looking for.
    (Tip – Use subheadings and short paragraphs, which are easier for users to scan.)
  3. The quality of writing. If you have basic grammar and punctuation mistakes or poor knowledge of the subject, you will not rank very high in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization Starts with Superior Content

It has been proven that commercial sites that rank high are not well received by users. Why? Because these sites have one main goal: to sell their products. While the graphics may be top notch the availability of quality content is non-existent. While the catchy appearance of the site is appealing, it will not hold the attention of searchers long. The only way to keep users engaged on your site is to provide useful information that is relevant to their search.

Organic Link Building: A Happy Side-Effect of Great Content

If you have great content you can organically build links. When you get links for your site it will increase your popularity and provide you credibility in the search engine rankings. If you have quality content, people will naturally want to link to it, providing the information to others. This is the best way to get natural links, which can be valuable to both your and their customers. The fact is that link exchange programs, or paying to have your link spread, are picked up by the smarter search engines, making your efforts ineffective.

Create the Right Content for Your Site

It is important to understand that not every type of content is right for every site. You need to determine your target group, and then develop content that will appeal to them. In order to make it commercially successful you should consider the different types of content:

  • Supportive content: This helps users to understand any topic from scratch.
  • Marketing content: This content will pre-sell your online product. This should only be used on e-commerce sites.
  • Industry Based Content: This will focus on a specific niche, such as telecommunication, pets, or children.
  • Research articles: This should contain advanced knowledge for searchers looking for more in-depth information about a topic they already understand.
  • SEO Friendly Content: This will help you optimize your site with certain keywords or phrases.

Sometimes it is best to outsource your content to ensure that it will provide optimum results with only informative and information pieces that will engage your readers. If you are unsure how to optimize the content on your site contact the Triassic Media Group today and find out how we can help you with all your content development needs!

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Five Reasons Why Consistent Blog Content Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Builds Authority

This is how it boils down – you are new. You haven’t done this before. You have no “3-5 years’ experience” tucked under a slightly taught belt at your waistline. Your references consist of over-zealous professors, TAs and the hardware store you worked at in high school. At the end of the day your business has had a total of 0 clients. And here is the kicker — you are awesome! Your product rocks, your abilities are one-of-a-kind and what you’re offering is ingenious. So here you stand, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your new website fresher than your outfit on the first day of school. Then — crickets.

So what is it that will really get the traffic flowing? It’s simple: You. Even if you aren’t the one doing the writing, you is what you’re selling, no matter the product or service. There’s no shame in not being able to do it yourself. But if you stick to posting consistent content, you just might start moving somewhere.  Here are 5 reasons why keeping your website content consistent will help boost your SEO and also establish authority.

  • It Promotes Engagement and Meaningful Relationships – We live in an ever changing world – one in which we see people less face-to-face and more through the lens of our laptops. Just because we are not in the flesh, doesn’t mean we are not establishing meaningful relationships online. Being consistent with your posts means that you are showing up and engaging with the community – you are making your presence known and providing something that can be depended on. This not only equates to followers, it also increases the chance of backlinks (people linking your content on their site). The more backlinks you have, the better your SEO.
  • It Provides Quality Web Content – Consistent blogging shows your users that you are competent. In addition, longer and more significant content increases your SEO. The more in-depth you are on a consistent topic over time, the more of an “expert” you become. The more quality content you add, the longer your readers will stay on your site and appreciate your product. You’re not only showing your users that you are on-the-ball, you are boosting your SEO at the same time.
  • It Makes You Relevant in Your Field – As mentioned above, the world is ever changing. If you become quiet or passive, your clients will move on. This is true in any business, but it is especially true on the web. There is a fine balance between remaining relevant and becoming overpowering (don’t you just HATE those companies that email you daily?) Well timed, consistent and relevant posts keep you at the top of the pile. They are a like a nudge to remind your customers you are still there without being too in-their-face. Also, the more recent and updated your site is, the better your SEO.
  • It Forms a Foundation – Humans are creatures of habit. We like repetition and consistency. Not only will showing up to write on a regular basis help you in your business, it will make others remember you. They will come to expect your presence, depend on it even, and therefore begin to form a habit around following your posts. Followers create a solid foundation of potential clients, return users and sharers, all of which better your business and your SEO.
  • It Builds Your Brand – Who are you? What do you do? Establish your keywords and logo as your fundamentals. Repeat them, in detail, to form solid keyword searches. Once you have a brand you can be referenced, tagged, and represented. Establishing your brand in your posts is crucial – it is the secret sauce that kicks your SEO to a whole new level.

Consistent blogging boosts your SEO and builds authority through establishing relationships, providing relevant and quality information and forming a foundation of followers around your brand.

For more information about Triassic Media Group, contact us today. Find out how we can help you boost your business.