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3 Effective Ways to Identify Customer Needs

Your customer base is the most valuable component when running a business or corporation. Unfortunately, most businesses provide products and services that fail to meet the needs of the customer. If you’re running a business and don’t have the edge to maintain your customer base, here are 3 unique ways you can identify what your customers want and need to keep things running smoothly.

1. Pay attention to new customers

Sometimes a new customer who is yet to experience your product or service may require a different, more personalized approach. Using the same strategy for recurring customers with a new customer may be quite confusing and can ruin the quality of the experience. Ask your new customers to put in writing just what they expect to receive from your product or service. If it matches with what you are offering, then this is a potential client. If not, it will show you areas of possible business expansion.

2. Ask what they think about you and your competitors

Comparisons sometimes hold a negative connotation and can seem a little cliché. However, understanding how your customers see you in relation to your competitors can be very helpful in developing a better strategy to improve the quality of your product or service. It also highlights what the competitor may provide that is helping them succeed, conveying where your business may have room for improvement.

3. Anticipate the customer’s future needs

Once your business has a better understanding of your customer base, don’t be afraid to take a risk and anticipate what your customers will want and need from your products and services in the future. If you anticipate correctly, then this shows you have a solid understanding of what your customer base is looking for.

Keeping your business’s content up-to-date plays a vital role in meeting your customers’ needs and if your business doesn’t have a website then you are already losing to your competition. The Triassic Media Group offers all the solutions you need from web development to written content.

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What is Psychographic Marketing?

Pyscho- what? If you have not heard of this term , don’t worry, most people haven’t. So, what is it and how does it aid marketing tactics? Most businesses collect market data about their customers; that is common sense. Market data tells you who is buying what and what to sell to whom. Psychographic marketing, simply put, means to think how your customers think, but that’s the hard part.

Many of us are locked in the mindset that our customers will behave like we behave. This can cause business owners to invest in too much of one product, ignoring the true needs of the customers. Myers-Briggs psychology identifies four main cognitive groups in every human population, independent of race, culture and language: traditionalists (47%), experiencers (27%), harmonizers (16%), and cerebrals (10%). Each group should be approached differently when selling your products or services and here is how you should market to each.

Traditionalists like specific and old brands. They are very stubborn when it comes to changing what they purchase and like to stick to what they know. They ask a lot of questions about quality and make sure to look for the best deal, so expect them to shop for price. They will often need a lot of reassurance before they purchase your product since they are skeptical of anything new or unusual.

Experiencers live in the moment. “Buy, buy, buy!” is their cry. They are a salesman’s dream and an accountant’s nightmare. These are your customers that, with the right marketing, will buy just about anything you have to offer. Whether it’s a glamorous product or a simple cleaning service, they will take it. If you set it in front of them, it will be hard for them to resist.

Harmonizers are concerned with others and like to keep things on the same level as their peers. They will usually do whatever those around them do. Marketing directly towards this group may not be the best approach. Instead, look towards those they are with. This group simply either will or either will not invest in your product or service, regardless of your direct appeal towards them. Fads tend to their main purchases.

Cerebrals are very tough to market towards. They think things through and look at things from the business aspect before purchasing. Expect them to know more about your product than your average customer. This group will also be the customers that have done their research on your competitors, so be ready to show them all that you have to offer.

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Client Awards

5 Characteristics of Our Favorite Clients

At a recent staff meeting, our team discussed how much we love working with our clients. We realized that most of our favorite companies to work with had many of the same traits. They didn’t serve the same type of customers or sell the same things. They didn’t operate in certain states, over others.

However, we think what they did have in common makes for good partners. These companies are often the most successful clients we know, with the highest earnings and the longest longevity. For this reason, we wanted to share the qualities we thought made the best businesses, both as clients and in terms of success.

#1: Commitment to Progress

Whether you’re starting a new company, rebranding or revamping existing written content, it can be a lot to take in. There are many decisions to make and that can be overwhelming. While we take away a lot of the overwhelmed feelings with transparency and holistic approaches, deciding to move forward feels like a big step.

We’ve met plenty of potential clients that know they need to have documents edited because clients keep commenting on typos. Sometimes, they keep putting it off and lose their existing clients in the process.

Many clients we favorite use our services to keep their blog and emailed content up to date. We love to see how committed they are to the process and the results they get.

#2: Openness to Feedback and Learning

Operating a small to medium business takes a lot of learning and personal growth. The most successful small businesses invest in their own learning and services to grow.

We love clients who discuss ideas. Clients who use feedback to really make a difference in their businesses. Once, we helped a non-profit organization gain traction in their local community through one simple recommendation. It felt awesome to watch them really succeed.

#3: Honesty and Integrity

Sometimes we’re approached by companies who are less than honest. They won’t share their emails and use aliases. Sometimes they want strange payment options made available to them. We usually pass on most of these opportunities.

We’ve found that honesty and integrity are important traits in clients. They’ll let you know when they love something and when they don’t, so you know to fix whatever it is they want aligned differently. As a company, the Triassic Media Group prioritizes honesty, transparency, and open communication. We love to see the same thing in our clients.

#4: Knows What They Want

Once, we had a client that used our complete website service, where, after an initial one hour discovery call, we create a website full of content from integrated email newsletters to website pages and blog posts.

During the call, the client excitedly said they were going to open up a women’s only gym. They wanted a light and airy feel, with white backgrounds and copy that spoke directly to women through educational content. After spending time creating just this website, the client informs us they actually were going to open a storage company instead. Sure, we changed the website content as part of the revision policy. However, she didn’t end up doing anything with any of it…which can be frustrating, as we genuinely want our clients to succeed!

Imagine instead one client that needed a website for a new jewelry line. Let’s just say, they knew what they wanted. Through a highly collaborative process, they got the web presence that drove sales and created an environment of credibility.

#5: Pays on Time

With only a cursory glance, it would be easy to say that paying on time is an important attribute for a client relationship. However, it isn’t the paying on time in itself that makes this important in the client relationship.

We’ve noticed that clients who pay invoices on time treat their businesses like businesses. They’re not just starting up something they’ll let fail in a year or two. Instead, they treat their business seriously and stake their reputation on it.

If you find yourself to be passionate, committed, and honest, we’d love to speak with you to learn more about your company and see how a partnership would be possible. Fill out the form below to request time to speak directly with our CEO.