Internet Marketing Growth – A Powerful Marketing Tool

Content marketing is arguably the most effective branch of internet marketing that depends almost entirely on content. This marketing aims to capture the reader’s attention and ensure that the brand highlights its benefits. In other words, content marketing revolves around creating value for the reader. To achieve this goal, it needs a variety of techniques. For instance, the best method to get people to read your content is to use SEO (search engine optimization). This is the process of making your content searchable by online users, and it is done through the use of keywords.

Integrating SEO to Your Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a method of getting your content to be ranked in the search engines. It involves improving the site’s design and content and making sure it has the right amount of backlinks. This is done through link building.

Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks are basically links from other websites and can take the form of text links, social media links, blog links, and many other methods. Some backlinks have higher quality than others, depending on the size and popularity of the website. Having a lot of links that come from different high traffic websites such as Digg, Reddit, and so forth can improve your site’s ranking in the search engines, resulting in more visitors and customers.

Using Blog to Promote Your Business

Many internet marketers use blogs for their promotions. Blogs are extremely popular, both among bloggers and with readers who are also potential customers. It allows internet marketers to share their thoughts with readers where they can gain valuable content. Blogs also help spread information about your business and are great platforms for new products or services to be discussed.

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How Content Marketing and SEO Can Help Your Online Business

For search engine viability or rankings on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), a website owner needs to optimize their content with useful keywords. This is why SEO and content promotion are the two most important marketing tools around today. They are being used to bring about changes in a business model, increase sales, and reach out to potential customers who may not otherwise be aware of the business. However, creating compelling and effective content is a skill that must be mastered and applied to see results.


Search Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing tool. It involves using SEO tools in articles or marketing blogs that are designed to improve the visibility of a business or website within the various search engines. Finding relevant keywords or keyword research can help establish what a website owner’s target audience is looking for on a particular subject. Once keywords have been established, they are incorporated within the text of an article that is an essential tool in content promotion. 


Content promotion and Search Engine Optimization are a significant part of marketing strategies for a website to succeed. The ability to create content, both written and video that is interesting to readers is essential to increasing website traffic and ultimately profit. SEO includes many techniques to help a website achieve search engine visibility, such as link building, effective keywords, on-page, and off-page optimization. On the other hand, content promotion includes the use of various types of media, including article marketing, social networking, blogging, and press releases to promote the website’s business content. The combination of these two is a necessary component to achieving the ultimate goal of driving targeted traffic to a website and making money from it.

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If you want to know more about writing effective blog posts, website pages, press releases, and other digital marketing strategies, contact the Triassic Media Group today by emailing We’re happy to help you with your content marketing needs.

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Why Your Business Needs Better Content

Content is, and will always be, king. Why is that? The answer is simple. It’s the attention grabber; it is the one thing that people want more than anything. Therefore, any organization regardless of size will benefit immensely by well-written content. It doesn’t matter if your business is online or not. What matters is that your clients have access to quality content that can benefit from.

Businesses need content to grow and change as a business. Clients need to have regular access to content that can assist them in some way. It can answer questions for them regarding a new industry trend or showcase something of interest. Content is a fan-service and it will keep them coming back. High quality content can also entertain and do lots of other things. Individuals seek out content for solutions, answers, and advice. With that being said here are 5 reasons why you should use content marketing techniques.

  1. Grabs your clients’ attention.
  2. Distinguishes you from competitors.
  3. Generates heathy buzz for your business.
  4. Keeps communication with your clients open.

– and –

  1. Turns potential clients into return customers.

There are many reasons why content marketing helps businesses. Make sure your content is interesting to customers in every way. Content speaks volumes all its own. So, if you are not providing quality content, then what’s the point?

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The Importance of Quality Content

Kipling may have said it best, “Words are of course the most powerful drug used by mankind.” With this in mind, you can see how the content on your page is the living soul of your website. Your content is any text or words that are compiled on a web page with the accompanying graphics. The content you present to your readers can be the most powerful tool you have to build relationships with your current and potential customers. While the overall appearance and “feel” of a website is important, the content you include is crucial. There are two ways that your content affects your web presence – the ranking of your site in search engines and the ability for users to find you.

Search Engines

When a search engine is crawling pages of any website they search primarily for relevant content. The content that is present is easy for search engines to pick up on and the higher the quality, the higher you will appear in searches. The fact is that when a person conducts a search, the search engine will provide the highest quality of relative content for the searcher for the given set of keywords.


There are two intentions when someone performs a search through a search engine:

  1. To find general, basic information on a certain topic
  2. To find advanced information on some topic or niche that they are familiar with.

Only sites with high-quality content will be able to benefit both types of searchers. Stuffing keywords in hopes of great visibility is no longer feasible, as search engines can pick out the sites that have used this method.

Complete Content: Your Best Friend

There are three components that are found in complete content:

  1. The quality of the information which includes the authenticity and originality of the content you present.
  2. The quality of the presentation or how easy is it for users to find what they are looking for.
    (Tip – Use subheadings and short paragraphs, which are easier for users to scan.)
  3. The quality of writing. If you have basic grammar and punctuation mistakes or poor knowledge of the subject, you will not rank very high in search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization Starts with Superior Content

It has been proven that commercial sites that rank high are not well received by users. Why? Because these sites have one main goal: to sell their products. While the graphics may be top notch the availability of quality content is non-existent. While the catchy appearance of the site is appealing, it will not hold the attention of searchers long. The only way to keep users engaged on your site is to provide useful information that is relevant to their search.

Organic Link Building: A Happy Side-Effect of Great Content

If you have great content you can organically build links. When you get links for your site it will increase your popularity and provide you credibility in the search engine rankings. If you have quality content, people will naturally want to link to it, providing the information to others. This is the best way to get natural links, which can be valuable to both your and their customers. The fact is that link exchange programs, or paying to have your link spread, are picked up by the smarter search engines, making your efforts ineffective.

Create the Right Content for Your Site

It is important to understand that not every type of content is right for every site. You need to determine your target group, and then develop content that will appeal to them. In order to make it commercially successful you should consider the different types of content:

  • Supportive content: This helps users to understand any topic from scratch.
  • Marketing content: This content will pre-sell your online product. This should only be used on e-commerce sites.
  • Industry Based Content: This will focus on a specific niche, such as telecommunication, pets, or children.
  • Research articles: This should contain advanced knowledge for searchers looking for more in-depth information about a topic they already understand.
  • SEO Friendly Content: This will help you optimize your site with certain keywords or phrases.

Sometimes it is best to outsource your content to ensure that it will provide optimum results with only informative and information pieces that will engage your readers. If you are unsure how to optimize the content on your site contact the Triassic Media Group today and find out how we can help you with all your content development needs!

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Keeping Your Business Blog In Style

Trends come and trends go. This is the hard truth for not only the fashion or entertainment industry, but also for privately-owned businesses and industries. It is always important to make sure that your local business is following the current trends, both in quality and design. With the internet revolution and growth of social media, businesses now have an easier time to promote their industry online to new customers. Every company should therefore have a website or a blog where they can promote their services or products, but it is also important to always update your company’s site so that it looks appealing and interesting to the viewer. Here are a few signs of when your company might be out of date and in need of an update:

1. Design is the key to success, and a good blog must be both easy on the eyes and in the instructions. Therefore, a template that looks like it has not been changed for over 10 years might be unappealing to potential buyers. If that is your case, then it might be a good idea to look at different websites and their layouts for inspiration and update your blog so that it is both visually striking, informal, and easy to follow. Choose a font that is easy and fun to read and also make sure to personalize your business blog with different images that relate to your business. Good images of your different services or products can enhance the credit of both your site and your company, and the customer will get a better idea of your company’s values and offers. Personalized images will also give your business more personality and make it more memorable. So, make sure that it stands out!

2. Take it easy with the keywords! Much like how you would not over-accessorize in real life, make sure not to add too many keywords as accessories on your site. Think of it as more is less. Having a lot of keywords is a trend that is slowly dying out, and instead, modern bloggers today focus instead on the quality of their content.

3. Update your blog with enough metadata. A good example of metadata is the categorization of all articles that happens on different news websites or information pages. Metadata makes monitoring, interpretation, searching and sorting, much easier and more efficient, and one of the most common applications of metadata is used in the document heads to provide answers, such as document author, name, title, identity, edition and date. If you are looking to update your business blog, add more metadata so that the user can get better search results, and more information on your business.


Simple tips that every company blog should follow.

Tips for Successful Business Blogging

If your company is not engaging with the online community, you may need to take another look at your blog. Blogs have quickly become a way for companies to reach out to returning and potential customers. If readers do not find your blogs compelling, it is possible they will overlook your website.

It’s not hard to write blogs posts that pique the interest of readers. There is no scientific equation for writing blogs, but there are a few simple tips that every company blog should follow.

#1: Write Engaging Text

It’s easy enough to write a blog about a particular product or service, but readers don’t want to know what you are selling. They want to know what your products or services can do for them. Make sure that your blog appeals to readers on an emotional level. Whether you sell articles of clothing or provide cleaning services, you will not gain new customers if your readers don’t connect with your blog.

#2: Utilize Available Features

Explore your blog platform. Most platforms offer a variety of themes, templates, and plug-ins. With all that they offer, you may be overlooking a useful feature that you never knew existed. On the other hand, you don’t want to make your blogs overwhelming. Pick a template that is aesthetically pleasing to your readers  and make sure that your style is cohesive. Don’t be afraid to incorporate audio or visual plug-ins.

#3: Add Some Visuals

Include pictures of products that you are selling (if you are promoting a service, try adding an action shot). Even if you aren’t trying to sell something, it is a good idea to incorporate visuals into your blog posts. Pictures are an easy way to break up text and engage your readers. However, make sure that you don’t post too many pictures – one or two per blog should be more than enough.

#4: Apply Links and SEO Techniques

Make sure that your blog is accessible. If search engines can’t find your blog, your readers can’t either. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, will ensure that your blogs show up for the right searches. Using SEO techniques will draw in more readers and increase the traffic on your website. Also, make sure that your blog posts include a link back to your official website. You won’t sell anything if your readers can’t find you.

Now it’s your turn! Just remember –  you should write a blog to connect with your readers, not to sell something to them (your company’s website will do that). If you use these tips to write engaging posts that use a variety of templates, pictures, and plug-ins, you will increase the traffic on your company’s website – don’t forget to add a link so readers can easily access it!

At the Triassic Media Group, we’re committed to the long-term success of our clients. If you think your business blog is lacking in content that will actively engage your readers, please call us directly at 813-58-MEDIA to talk about how our services can help you succeed.