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Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

For marketing, as well as, technology professionals, there is one thing that will strongly impact whether or not your businesses will succeed or fail. And it all depends on whether or not content is a part of your business, or not. Why do businesses need a content-driven influence in their organizations? Content is what makes a difference to any size business out there.

Marketing innovation now goes hand in hand with progress

The connection between massive technology advancements and marketing innovation is apparent. The future of digital marketing has changed and excelled in its very own way. In just a matter of a few decades, things have gotten so far beyond billboards and television advertisements, and even banner ads don’t hold the same importance as they once did. It is now much newer methods of data-driven content marketing that really rule.

Big Data and Personalization

In the huge and tremendous word of digital marketing, there are two terms that stand out the most. Big Data and Personalization. Target content that aims straight at your audience, as well as, using special data to provide them with better contextual experiences amidst an innumerable amount of information. This content standpoint is happening now and is one of the best things you can do to grow your company.

The challenge isn’t just about a personal and targeted experience

The content-driven influence shouldn’t just focus itself on being one that is just delivering a more personal and targeted experience. There is so much more involved. It is important to make sure that the content presence is there and to drive it home, meaning you get the content-driven information firmly established. A content-driven presence is one that is highly effective, spot-on and secures itself firmly in place to its target every time.

Make sure you are taking the time to provide quality content to your audience, and watch your business grow.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content

It’s simple, content is king. It doesn’t matter if you have a website, blog, or a commerce business online; chances are, you will definitely need content in order to populate your website, landing page, or blog. The best way to get your content needs met on a regular basis is by outsourcing that work to professionals who can get all of your content taken care of promptly, and properly.

Why you should hire a professional business writing service for your content needs?

It’s usually wise to hire a professional. What makes writing any different? Professional writers know the in-and-outs of content development, ones that know how to craft high-quality content in many forms. These many forms can vary from being articles to press releases to blogs to web content. The best writing services will know how to create and deliver numerous tips for content development for any client.

What are the benefits of outsourcing one’s content needs?

When you outsource your content needs, it helps lessen your workload, and that is always a wonderful feeling. Here are some of the benefits that go along with outsourcing content your content needs.

  1. Saves your business time and lessens your workload.
  2. Allows you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.
  3. Not only is your content written by professionals, but it is also edited and and crafted to perfection.
  4. Professional writing means professional writing. You know how to do business and professional writers know how to write.

Triassic Media Group offers all the content development and editorial to fulfill your business’s needs. From developing your webpage to completely crafting the content your company needs using proven SEO techniques. Contact us today about our content development package!

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Why Should You Have A Blog For Your Business?

So many enterprises are coming up with new ways to market their business online, and starting a blog is one of the most effective methods. So, what do they get by blogging? You’ll be surprised! The fact is, there’re quite a few benefits of starting a business blog, and you’re going to love each and every one of them.

  1. It’s your online voice: Your blog, on behalf of the business, is the enterprise’s voice on social media networks and search engines, and it serves to create a positive public image of the business.
  2. You converse with customers: You write a blog post, and your customers drop some comments. That way, you read into their expectations and come up with better and more effective ways to satisfy them as well as attract more customers.
  3. It’s an effective marketing method: When you share your blogs on social media platforms, people get to know about your business. A well-done blog will attract a larger following and familiarize the visitors with your business.
  4. You keep your customers: A nice blog is fun to write and even read, meaning that your customers will be happy to be associated with your business. More visitors will want to know more about your business, and that’s how you end up with more customers!
  5. It’s cost-effective: As a smart means of getting the word out about your business, a blog is also a cost-effective marketing strategy. You don’t incur much cost in writing a blog.
  6. It’s a less tedious and direct communication channel with customers: If most of your customers love and follow your blog, you can introduce any new products and services and announce it there without having to contact each customer separately.
  7. It makes you think: If you’re running a blog, you’re always thinking about something new to share with your customers, and you might even end up with some good ideas on how to improve your business. In fact, even the customers’ comments might give you some good suggestions!
  8. Your business gets more publicity: You’ll realize that newsrooms, newspapers and journalists are always after business bloggers. Landing an interview about your blogging in relation to your business guarantees you free press and publicity for your business, and that’s a good thing!
  9. Foster good customer relations: By sharing and exchanging ideas with your customers, you create a good relationship with them. You understand their needs and problems and solve them early enough to keep them happy.
  10. Beating the competition: By blogging, you keep your business popular and ahead of the pack, in such a way that the public now thinks of your enterprise as a strong leader in the industry. For that reason, more people want to be associated with your company.

If you are reading this, you are more than likely ready to step up your business profitability with a new business blog. At Triassic Media, we know first hand just how difficult that can be. If you are looking for help in starting a business blog, and you can get more information about Triassic Media Group very easily. Just contact us today!

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21 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Website

The internet is often one of the most effective, efficient and widely used tools to find information about companies and products. If your company does not have a website, then you are missing literally millions of opportunities to sell your products or services.

Still unconvinced as to why you should invest in some online real estate? Here are 21 reasons why your company needs a website:

  1. Your company website will enable you to reach as many people as possible. You tell them what you do, where you are, your working hours, payment methods, and much more through a single source that makes finding information easy for the customer.
  2. Making your business information available online demonstrates the first reliable service your business can provide. People like that!
  3. A business with an online presence is a business that markets to the billions of available customers around the world. Most advertising channels cannot offer results anywhere near those numbers.
  4. You can sell your products and services online, eliminating location restrictions.
  5. Your website does not limit your advertising to a specific target market. Unlike social media channels, anyone can access your website without an account.
  6. Websites facilitate the development of communities and customer engagement through sharing pictures, videos and audio to connect with your business.
  7. FAQ sections enable customers to quickly find answers to questions without delays.
  8. It’s cheaper to market your business online than to create brochures and billboards.
  9. Customers can interact with your company through the website on any device that they are most comfortable using, especially convenient for customers with communication disabilities.
  10. Updating the public on changes to company products and services is faster and more efficient since your website is the central location for company information.
  11. Your business stays operational throughout and capitalizes in serving everyone from different time-zones.
  12. You can get useful feedback from your customers through comments and adapt to what they like most.
  13. You can change the information on your website anytime you want without incurring any extra costs that you would have if you published on papers or other media.
  14. You can use your site to introduce and market new products and services and gauge their impact on the market.
  15. It will attract media. If your site gets more popular, media outlets will talk about it!
  16. You will better serve the local market. There’re some restaurants which take lunch orders from their customers through their website!
  17. Be there for the customers even when they’re not at your premises, you boost the credibility of your business.
  18. It saves you a lot of time and effort to run a website than doing outdoor marketing.
  19. The website is accessible even when your store is closed, and people can “window shop” and review your products online. They might even decide to buy!
  20. Interacting with your customers continuously keeps them happy and improves your customer care system. That way, you keep your customers and even attract more!

At the Triassic Media Group, we’re committed to the long-term success of our clients. We want you to succeed. Please call us directly at 813-58-MEDIA to talk about how our services can help you succeed.

3 tips you can use to diversify your business portfolio

Portfolio Diversification

One of the best things any business can do is to diversify its portfolio and its marketing efforts. Portfolio diversification is a great way to increase overall revenue, reduce risk and limit the impacts of a “slow season.”

Here are 3 tips you can use to diversify your business portfolio:

Tip #1: Look for Seasonality

Another business’s seasonality can be your business’s stability. When you’re looking for clients, try to determine when their most busy period would be. Once you’ve secured one, try to find other clients with different busy seasons.

For instance, if you’re a science education company, summer’s probably not the busiest time to attend client schools to give science presentations to kids. Adding a few summer camps to your client roster should help alleviate any downtime.

Tip #2: Get Support You Need Well in Advance

What would happen to your business if you got 1,000 new customers, tomorrow? Do you have the staffing, internal processes and resources to manage that?

Businesses that fail on Groupon, for instance, often don’t have enough of these steps in place before they run a Groupon deal. They fail to make an impact on prospective customers and lose money.

Even if you don’t plan on doing a Groupon, securing reliable subcontractors or employees (even just a concrete plan) is a savvy idea. This  way when a great opportunity comes around, you won’t have to say no.

Tip #3: Never Stop Marketing

You never know when your largest client will move on (or go out of business) or when your product will reach the end of its lifecycle. So for that reason, it’s important to never stop marketing.

To make your marketing successful, you should always be involved in:

  • Trying to get new clients
  • Updating your blog
  • Emailing your list
  • Thanking your customers
  • Getting referrals

Without  these key business marketing and development actions, you’re likely to have lots of slow seasons.

At the Triassic Media Group, we’re committed to the long-term success of our clients. We want you to succeed. Please call us directly at 813-58-MEDIA to talk about how our services can help you succeed.