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21 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Website

The internet is often one of the most effective, efficient and widely used tools to find information about companies and products. If your company does not have a website, then you are missing literally millions of opportunities to sell your products or services.

Still unconvinced as to why you should invest in some online real estate? Here are 21 reasons why your company needs a website:

  1. Your company website will enable you to reach as many people as possible. You tell them what you do, where you are, your working hours, payment methods, and much more through a single source that makes finding information easy for the customer.
  2. Making your business information available online demonstrates the first reliable service your business can provide. People like that!
  3. A business with an online presence is a business that markets to the billions of available customers around the world. Most advertising channels cannot offer results anywhere near those numbers.
  4. You can sell your products and services online, eliminating location restrictions.
  5. Your website does not limit your advertising to a specific target market. Unlike social media channels, anyone can access your website without an account.
  6. Websites facilitate the development of communities and customer engagement through sharing pictures, videos and audio to connect with your business.
  7. FAQ sections enable customers to quickly find answers to questions without delays.
  8. It’s cheaper to market your business online than to create brochures and billboards.
  9. Customers can interact with your company through the website on any device that they are most comfortable using, especially convenient for customers with communication disabilities.
  10. Updating the public on changes to company products and services is faster and more efficient since your website is the central location for company information.
  11. Your business stays operational throughout and capitalizes in serving everyone from different time-zones.
  12. You can get useful feedback from your customers through comments and adapt to what they like most.
  13. You can change the information on your website anytime you want without incurring any extra costs that you would have if you published on papers or other media.
  14. You can use your site to introduce and market new products and services and gauge their impact on the market.
  15. It will attract media. If your site gets more popular, media outlets will talk about it!
  16. You will better serve the local market. There’re some restaurants which take lunch orders from their customers through their website!
  17. Be there for the customers even when they’re not at your premises, you boost the credibility of your business.
  18. It saves you a lot of time and effort to run a website than doing outdoor marketing.
  19. The website is accessible even when your store is closed, and people can “window shop” and review your products online. They might even decide to buy!
  20. Interacting with your customers continuously keeps them happy and improves your customer care system. That way, you keep your customers and even attract more!

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