Triassic Media Group’s 2016 Recap

2016 has been a monumental year for the Triassic Media Group. Sure, we’ve had our share of setbacks, like when our neighbors turned off our air conditioning over the summer. But this year’s had so many achievements, too! Here are some of the best highlights of 2016:

  • We completed more than 1,800 different projects for our clients!
  • We beat our goal of 40 new long-term clients and secured 45 new clients.
  • We moved our headquarters to the Madison Building in downtown Tampa.
  • Our team grew to include Elaine, Lindsey, Rick, Russell, Aloisa, Anna, Andrea, Jacquelyn, Larissa, Shamima, and Sophie.

How did your business grow in 2016? How can we help you grow in 2017?