4 Times To Thank Your Customers

It’s easy to overlook your customers when your busy. You take them for granted without meaning to or forget to thank them for contributing to your business’s success. Here are four times you should remember to thank your customers.

After a Transaction

When your customers choose your company to spend money with, go ahead and thank them for their business. It can be as simple as starting an email with a final client deliverables with “Thank you for your business. I’ve attached the documents…”

During Thanksgiving

Instead of sending out Christmas cards to all of your clients, some of whom may not even celebrate Christmas, consider sending out a Thanksgiving card instead. You can have them printed for very little money from VistaPrint. You can let your clients know how much you appreciate them and wish them well throughout the holiday season. Since people are already in a happy mood for Thanksgiving, it’s a perfect time to reach out.

End of the Year

At the Triassic Media Group, we spend the last few weeks of every year making a list of all of the clients we’ve helped. We think about how we can cultivate long-term partnerships with many of our favorites. During this time, we like to say thanks to clients who made a difference in our bottom line or who are particularly awesome. After all, it is our clients that make our business what it is. We’re incredibly grateful for all of them.


Celebrate milestones with your clients. Send them a thank you after each year you spend working together. They might not even realize how long you’ve been working together. Thanking them is a great way to remind them.

While thanking your clients for their business is good business manners, it’s also a way to get your business’s name back in front of your customers. People love positive attention and being thanked. They’ll remember your business for it.